Floroscent Rugby Balls

We are leading Fluorescent rugby balls and footballs manufacturers. These are low budget mass distribution Fluorescent rugby balls - soccer balls. This range mostly cater to brands who needs to bulk in bulk quantities, mostly at the time of mega events / championships or tournaments. The upper is PVC Synthetic leather or artificial leather, this is normal pvc and we can call it entry level synthetic Fluorescent rugby balls, we use 2ply linings in these soccer balls 2 cotton, cross laminated with machine. Latex bladder with butyl valve is used in these Fluorescent rugby balls. These Fluorescent rugby balls are unofficial sized, all weather proof soccer balls and water resistant. 32 panels contruction, hand stitched. These balls have good promotional life, look lovely, best for mass distributions, entry level budget product for promotions.

  • Name

    Fluorescent Rugby Balls - Lumiscent Rugby Balls - Promotional Balls

  • Packing

    Export Bulk Packing, Individual Polybagged

  • Brand

    Customised - with customer logo

  • MOQ

    100 Units

  • Production Capacity

    200000 Units / Month

  • Printing

    Heat Transfer Printing

  • Lead Tme

    15 - 20 Days

  • Payment Terms

    Paypal, Wire Transfer, L/c